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Oracle HCM Cloud—Spring 2019 Product Update

Oracle HCM Cloud—Spring 2019 Product Update


Written By: Chris Leone, SVP and GM, Oracle HCM Cloud

As I’m returning from the first-ever Modern Business Experience (MBX) event in Las Vegas, I’m more pumped than ever about the momentum and the future of Oracle Cloud. I loved hearing about the breakthroughs and the transformational stories of how Oracle customers are taking advantage of Oracle Cloud across HCM, ERP, customer experience (CX), and supply chain management (SCM) to deliver reimagined, end-to-end experiences for their customers and employees.

Given all of the transformational stories from MBX, I want to recap the product highlights that the Oracle HCM Cloud team has promised to deliver to our customers in the first half of 2019, as a part of our Spring 2019 Product Update.

Digital Assistants

Oracle is the very first HCM vendor to deliver a truly mobile-responsive, digital assistant experience. This means that employees are able to ask questions from anywhere, on the go, and get an answer very quickly with the help of the Oracle Digital Assistant. 

We’ve carefully selected and built new skills for the digital assistants across our HCM Cloud today, and here are just a few of the capabilities they offer:

  • Retrieve the personal information for employees (emails, address, phone, manager, reporting structure
  • View absence balances and projected year-end balance
  • View salary, pay slips, latest adjustments
  • View benefits coverage and information
  • Review tax withholding year-end documents
  • Show job requisitions 
  • Show job offer status

Of course, we’ll continue to build new and relevant actions based on customer feedback.

HR Help Desk

We’ve made the HR knowledgebase accessible to employees, so they can search and quickly find answers to their questions—such as how to set up direct deposit or how to submit parental leave. This frees HR to focus on more strategic priorities.


HCM Experience Design Studio

In case you haven’t heard of Oracle HCM Experience Design Studio, this is a game changer for HR. We’re making it easier than ever for HR professionals to configure the user experience with the addition of advanced, no-coding-required configuration capabilities. HR teams can create unique experiences based on the user’s business unit, legal employer, or role.

You can control the display of sections in fields across multiple processes, such as:

  • Add/Change Assignment
  • Add Contingent Worker
  • Change Location
  • Change Manager
  • Change Working Hours
  • Hire an Employee
  • Global Transfer
  • Promotion 
  • Transfer 
  • Termination 

Strategic Workforce Planning

Our latest enhancements to Oracle Strategic Workforce Planning provide a single and complete planning experience for HR professionals, enabling you to make sure you have the right people with the right skills, at the right cost, at the right time.   


We continue to enhance our natively built Oracle Recruiting Cloud. In this update, we’ve introduced new interview scheduling capabilities that reduce the time and effort it takes to manually schedule interviews for multiple candidates. Recruiters and hiring managers can use predefined interview templates to schedule and/or invite candidates to schedule or confirm interviews after a requisition is created. Both candidates and recruiters are notified when an interview is confirmed.

To improve the candidate experience, we’ve provided recruiters with the tools to build powerful and tailored job sites to better target specific candidate pools, such as job sites targeting alumni.

All-in-One HCM Cloud

The innovations I’ve mentioned here are only a handful of the 1,200-plus features that Oracle HCM Cloud delivers every year. I’m extremely proud of our team at Oracle. We’ve delivered on 98% of our roadmap commitments over the last 6 years, while being the first HCM Cloud vendor to have completely reimagined the employee experience by featuring a mobile-responsive experience and voice-enabled digital assistants.

I invite you to find more information on the HCM Cloud Spring 2019 Product Update here.

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