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Zynap Succession Planning Toolkit

The Zynap Succession Planning Toolkit allows you to systematically build and maintain talent pools and succession plans across your total workforce. By assessing employee talent capabilities and aligning them with critical roles you can retain key staff and avoid vacancies in key positions.

You can build a robust leadership pipeline using the Zynap Succession Planning Toolkit which includes the following tools:

  • Interactive Succession Organisation Chart – View the readiness of potential successors for key positions directly from the interactive organisation charts. Your managers can easily review individual workers to identify their planned positions and the current talent pool for each vacancy. Your managers also have single click access to individuals’ Talent Profile, Goals and recent Evaluations.
  • Talent Profiles – Collect and organize standard details about your workforce using the employee talent profiles. Talent profiles are easily accessible based on access rights and can help identify succession candidates for key positions. Talent profiles include performance reviews, competencies, work history, career interests, language skills and compensation. Information on Staff Mobility can also guide which potential candidates are open to relocation for the right position.
  • Succession Plans and Talent Pools – Build succession plans to fill key roles within your organisation and add high performers to talent pools for a specific position. View a list of potential successors for particular roles and evaluate the readiness and flight risk of those people. You can also evaluate the diversity of succession pools and plans and identify high performers who appear in multiple succession pools.
  • Career Path Development – Use succession planning as a tool to determine career development needs of potential successors. If you have key positions for which there are no candidates identified, use the Talent Profile to search the closest match and then build leaders by creating person-specific career paths to sustain their leadership development objectives.
  • Leadership Calibration – With a full database of talent management data on top performers, your team has unprecedented capability to highlight leadership talents (or gaps) during executive sessions. Use calibration sessions to consider top performers and leaders using flexible performance criteria. Choose from a list of existing calibration settings (including the traditional 9-box grid) or set up a session to consider your own organisation-specific criteria.
  • Succession Analytics – Identify your top talent and bench strength to quickly review the readiness of your organization to adapt to change. Powerful analytics provide single click access to determine your ability to backfill key roles when vacancies occur and mitigate the risk of leadership gaps. The interactive views also enable you to easily drill down to the details to review information specific to an individual.
  • Talent Trajectory Analysis – track individual career development trajectories to avoid under or over-shooting the succession target
  • Talent Targets – use multi-axis talent targets to assess the individual development needs of talent and succession pools,

For more information about the Zynap Succession Planning Toolkit contact the Zynap Talent Engineers on 0845 689 0769 or e-mail


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