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The Week That Was: July 18-22

The Week That Was: July 18-22
A low sun casts dramatic shadows on three pink stone steps.Don’t let the dog days of summer stop you from reading the top five stories from the week of July 18.

The Pros and Cons of a Four-Day Workweek: Some evidence suggests workers are more focused and productive when given the prospect of an extra day off. Does this mean the four-day workweek is a realistic practice?

The Rise of the ‘Superbosses’: The influence of a boss can reach beyond simply managing people, says Dartmouth professor Sydney Finkelstein.

Making Talent Dreams Come True at Disney: Disney’s once-decentralized talent management structure made it difficult to streamline and unify toward its goal of continued expansion. Not anymore.

Benchmarking Uses and Abuses: Benchmarks can be very useful, or terribly misleading, depending on whether they’re understood and appropriately applied.

Candidate Experience Tech Is Ticking Them Off: Automated recruiting tools could be slowly destroying your brand, experts say.

In Other News …

CEOs whose management style runs counter to their company’s culture are better for the firm’s bottom line, reports The Wall Street Journal (Paywall).

Also, 10 habits to help you learn twice as fast, via Entrepreneur.

Finally, 19 signs someone at work is about to quit, from Business Insider.

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