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Sourcer/Candidate Manager/Community Manager/Your Choice!

Aspen In-house –
Sourcer/Candidate Manager/Community Manager/Your Choice! –
Redhill / Reigate / London / Remote working all available –
We’re expecting to pay a base salary of around £25,000 or pro rata of that for part-time work with a bonus on top. We’ll give you more details of that when we speak. –
Offering a great experience to our candidates and clients at Aspen is critical to our ongoing success as a business. To continue to deliver the service we want to in the market we now need to expand. You could be looking for full time or part time work in London or Surrey to be considered for this opportunity but you’ll need to share our values and hold the skills and experiences we’ve set out below.
We have some basic but key operating cornerstones which we try and always live up to (although we know like anyone we could always do things a bit better).
What are those cornerstones?

Be clear about what we can and cannot deliver for our clients
Offer unbiased advice and information about the market place for talent acquisition and recruitment professionals
Try and give feedback on interviews and applications as quickly and honestly as we can

We know this is the toughest thing for every recruitment team and business to do well and like everyone we can do better but we want to be one of the best at it

To continue to build Aspen based on great word of mouth referrals and partnerships with like minded people and businesses

To continue to do that and more we now need a new team member, someone who is going to be a great ambassador for us, someone who is credible when talking about the recruitment market (whether you know it already or are willing to learn about it), someone who believes that the best person to recruit for a business is their own people and wants to help us help our clients and friends to build that model, and someone who loves talking to recruiters (don’t worry we know that’s not for everyone ;)). At this stage you’re not likely to have client contact in the role so your experience and salary will reflect that.
We’re not exactly sure in this recruitment age what your job title will be, some might call you a (re)sourcer, some a candidate manager, others a community manager. What we do know is what we want you to do.

Help us build our candidate pool by speaking with experienced recruitment and talent acquisition professionals around the world about their future careers
Source candidates for the specific client roles which we are working on at any moment in time

We’re not big on advertising so to do this we network, use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Xing, headhunt and ask our friends and colleagues to help us out

Advise recruiters on the market place

It’s frankly pretty rare to talk to one person about one role and see them get hired for it, you need to be someone who is going to focus on what that person wants out of their career and know when we are working on something appropriate to them

Support our networks and partners

In particular you’ll help us to continue to build out the profile of CIRE through spreading the word about the group, inviting new members to join, and help us facilitate events when we have them

Work with Aspen to support us in delivering for our clients whether that’s candidates, market intelligence, research or training through our new partner
An unwavering commitment to accuracy

You might not know this but we love data and research! We need you to be someone who understands the value of a recruitment system and feel it can empower you to do better rather than seeing it as an administrative hindrance

To be able to show that you can deliver the role as outlined above you’re going to need to demonstrate the following in your experience and application (E – essential, D – desirable)

A basic understanding of the in-house recruitment industry gained as an in-house or RPO professional or supplier to that market whether in advertising, recruitment agency, executive search, or research (E)
An application that clearly shows you’ve read this advert, you’ll demonstrate the skills and competencies we require, your CV will nail your experience down, it will communicate your story, and it will be mistake free – we will be judgmental! (E)
A sizable LinkedIn network of recruitment and talent acquisition professionals ideally with a range of recommendations (D)
Experience working in the UK or US recruitment market – Our clients tend to drive their talent acquisition strategies out of the UK and US and you’ll need an understanding of the operating models in one of those markets at least (E)
A second European language particularly German would be hugely beneficial to us at the moment (D)
You don’t need to be a graduate for this role but you’ll need to demonstrate you are bright, intellectually inquisitive, and articulate (E)

So if you’re still reading to this stage hopefully you’re planning to apply and we’d really like you to do that. Please send your CV with a covering note which CLEARLY outlines your reason for applying for THIS opportunity.

Source: Sourcer/Candidate Manager/Community Manager/Your Choice!


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