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Integrated Talent management a must – says new research

Josh Bersin, CEO and president of leading industry analyst firm Bersin & Associates is a strong advocate of integrated talent management

“As our research demonstrates, talent management can be a valuable strategy in maximising business performance. The concept of managing talent is not new, but ideas about who is responsible for managing talent and how to manage it to drive business impact are evolving,” said Bersin. “What this means to organisations is that they must move beyond the strategic HR function into one that is fully integrated with the business units. True talent management requires integrating various talent processes – from talent acquisition and learning and development, to performance management and succession planning. However, effective talent management does not happen overnight. Companies must prioritise their talent management efforts, develop a solid strategy that is aligned with the business, and support it with best practices to make it happen.”

The corporate talent management market, now more than $3 billion in size, is one of the hottest software markets in the world.  Evolving from old-fashioned tools for performance appraisals, training management, and resume capture, this market has evolved into enterprise-class software which delivers mission-critical solutions for talent sourcing, recruiting, internal development, collaboration, and business execution. Coupled with this explosive growth, the market has rapidly evolved into a set of cloud-based services which will go far beyond the vision of integrated HR software.  Talent management platforms are mobile, social, and will soon become one of the most important “BigData” analysis systems in corporate IT.

The talent management software marketplace is now more than ten years old, yet it is still a daunting task to select the right solution. Zynap Talent Engineers can help you to select the right software platform for your organisation, guide you through implementation, assist with the associated change management programme and help you to realise the benefits from your investment in an integrated Talent management solution.

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