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HR Summit Singapore






Designed for the needs of HR Practitioners, the HR Solutions seminar is 2 packed days of presentations, real world case studies and exclusive workshops – all from leading HR and business leaders.

The HR Solutions seminar will assist you to further develop, improve and solve the following human capital issues

HR Challenges 05/06 Panel Discussion
Hosted by the editor of HRM Singapore and featuring a panel of leading experts who will review and discuss the big challenges facing HR in the years ahead.

Jon A. Randall, Director, Human Capital Group Watson Wyatt Malaysia/Singapore
Indraneel Roy, Managing Director, South East Asia Hewitt Associates
Roland Ruiz, Director, The Haygroup Pte Ltd
Nalin Singh, Vice President & Managing Director, Convergys
Chris Bennett, Managing Consultant, Towers Perrin HR Services
Venkat Mahadevan, Director Corporate Segment, International Personal Bank, Citibank Singapore Ltd.

Training and Coaching for Sustainable Behaviour Change with a focus on High
Potentials and Leadership.
Mark Hemstedt, Executive Vice President, The Works Partnership

Mark has worked with some of the world’s leading multi-nationals in designing and delivering leading-edge training and consulting programmes for senior executives and high potential audiences over the past five years. Come and find out what companies like Unilever, Allied Domecq, Imperial Tobacco, ING Life, Sony Ericcson and others are doing to train their leaders of the future.

Through an engaging and interactive discussion, Mark will demonstrate how such programmes -some of which extend for 6 months or more – are designed, why they work and why TWP’s clients make them part of their management development framework. Mark will discuss the challenges faced when changing behaviour through training, its vital link to coaching and how to bring a culture created in a training room back to the organisation.

Mark is Executive Vice President and senior consultant with TWP – having opened the operations in South East Asia and Europe. A specialist in corporate transformation, leadership and coaching, he commutes between homes in Singapore and London where he services TWP’s major global multi-national clients. In addition to work in the corporate arena, Mark has worked with the United Nations, the Singapore Police Force mentoring future leaders in the organisation and the Government of Malaysia where he recently led a team to design and deliver the character building module for the National Service Program to over 150,000 participants.

Training, Team Building Asia,
David Simpson, Senior Partner

Team Building Asia was established in 2002 offering team building solutions to corporate houses in the Asia Pacific region. Team Building Asia offers universal programmes adaptable to any age group, any level of executive authority and any racial or ethnic mix, with the aid of bilingual instructors.

Since its inception, Team Building Asia has innovated on a wide range of team building solutions to enhance teamwork through improved communication, decision making, negotiation skills and leadership. Modules follow numerous circus based activities adhering to specific business models with strong transferable skills enabling teams to take acquired skills back to the workplace.

HR Juggling Motivator
Allow Team Building Asia to lead you in the discovery of your untapped potential through their unique and innovative HR Juggling Motivator. Customised for the HR industry you will gain insights on how their specialised facilitation will increase the motivation of your staff and inspire new thinking strategies and capabilities. Join this fun, creative and highly energised forum, which uses juggling as a business tool to assist in the realisation that nothing is impossible. Guaranteed success for all participants.

– Increase motivation of staff in under 45 minutes.
– Develop skills for life on perseverance, creativity and innovation
– Enhanced self-esteem, confidence and energy levels across a wide range of job skills.
– Breakthroughs and insights for ongoing maximisation of employee talents.

Self-Leadership International Pte Ltd, Andrew Bryant, Director
Self Leadership International assists companies to go from good to great by training andcoaching people to access and apply their full potential. To succeed in business it is necessary to lead, communicate, present, influence, negotiate and sell. Self Leadership International can train and coach your people in the ‘frames of mind’ and the behaviours to excel at these activities. Self Leadership International can present and customise the following programmes to fit your organisation’s needs: Leadership Training, Executive Coaching, Sales & Negotiation Soft Skills.

A fundamental element of the Self Leadership International philosophy is that the client be involved in the development of programmes, services and solutions to problems. We believe participants best learn by being actively involved in working with challenging and interesting problems that are relevant to their work and personal life. We aim to make learning a total experience, and so stimulate the intellectual, emotional and physical capacities of participants. Where possible we combine coaching with training as it has proved to facilitate lasting behavioural changes.

“Figuring out People”
We filter the world through our own perceptions and we judge others by how they filter the world. This keynote will open your eyes and ears to:

  • How we see the world through coloured glasses
  • Understand the software of the mind
  • Reading people without personality tests
  • Getting the best fit for people in an organisation
  • Influencing change by finding the point of leverage
  • Modelling effective performers to train others

Leesa Lee, eLearning Solutions Manager, Macromedia Asia Pacific
Leesa Lee is the eLearning Solutions Manager responsible for Macromedia. Ms. Lee has over fifteen years’ experience in the software industry. Prior to Macromedia, Ms. Lee had software product management positions at Xerox, Oracle, Sony, and various software startup companies. Ms. Lee’s extensive product management experience encompasses the full product life cycle. Her responsibilities have included the development of new products, overseeing product launches, developing business and distribution strategies, and planning marketing strategy and initiatives. Ms. Lee has a BSc. Computer Science degree from Hawaii Pacific University and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.

Persona Consulting International
STRATEGIC HR & ORGANISATIONAL ALIGNMENT – Aligning People With Company Strategy To Deliver Business Results

Organizations that are committed to cultivating a motivated workforce through aligning HR with business strategies as well as developing them for leadership roles are the organizations that will boost company performance to the fullest. Today’s organizations comprise of many disciplines, spanning multiple sites and operating across a spectrum of areas. What issues does this generate for the leaders of such an organization?

  • How can the challenges of alignment across multiple dimensions be overcome?
  • · What strategies can be used to build greater organizational alignment and how can its success be measured?

Persona will present a comprehensive diagnostic tool that rates an organization in 12 key areas of quality customer service, proven to be decisive for becoming a BEST-IN-CLASS competitor.

This session will explore how organizations wishing to grow their market share and improve their competitive position can achieve these by:

  • being more customer-focused
  • benchmarking their company with a best-in-class competitor
  • developing their competitive edge
  • improving customer retention
  • increasing a sense of ownership and employee involvement
  • aligning training with organizational goals
  • determining their measures of success and
  • tracking performance over time

In an interesting live dialogue session with Persona consultants, participants will take away invaluable insights into the strategic steps taken by a multinational company in order to align its people with its business strategies. A panel of expert speakers from Persona Global Inc., USA will reveal how organizational alignment was used to shape successful business strategies.

This session offers participants a real-life successful case presentation of how organizational alignment has helped a leading auto company in Hong Kong in their strategic business planning.

Lance J. Richards, GPHR, Senior Director, International Human Resources for Kelly Services.

Lance is responsible for all HR activities for a USD 1.7 billion business unit with operations in 27 countries, employing over 3800 people directly and over 50,000 full time employees each year for client companies.

With over 25 years of HR experience, he has held senior corporate and International HR roles with BCE, British Telecom, Wachovia and Six Flags; including two years in China for US telecommunications giant Verizon as Country Director of HR.

Lance is a scheduled columnist on global HR issues for Personnel Today in London. As a Visiting Professor of HRM at the Sasin Graduate School in Bangkok, he designed and launched their first graduate coursework in HR Metrics. He served three years on the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Global Board of Directors, and now advises SHRM from their Global Advisory Panel

Called “provocative” and “compelling”, his candid speaking style has made him an internationally sought-after speaker, presenting at dozens of HR Conferences, from Costa Rica to Kuala Lumpur, and from Shanghai to Cairo. His talks on strategic issues for global HR professionals have been called “must see” events.

As a thought leader in the International HR field, he’s been interviewed and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, The Straits Times, The Economist, Human Resources Executive, and a number of other international business and HR publications.

HR Heaven and HR Hell: The Rise of the Free Agent

You wake up one morning, it’s Spring, 2010, and you realise that you can’t staff your business… not in Singapore, not in Saskatchewan, not in Scheveningen. Workforce dynamics are now being driven by a vast sea of Free Agents… are you ready for them? Are you ready to change your view of the classic Employment Relationship?

In this highly interactive talk, we’ll review key demographic changes that are impacting HR professionals around the world. Then, we’ll talk about the impact these changes are having on you and your enterprise. If you’ve got multi-country responsibility, you’ll want to learn what’s happening to the global workforce, and how you can seize and leverage the trends to your advantage.

Executives in the C-Suite are expecting HR to dig them out of the demographic hole that looms on the horizon. To do so, you first must understand where things are going, then, you must stay ahead of the curve.

So, how do you manage Free Agents? How do you, and the Free Agents, achieve mutual success? What is HR’s role in managing and leading this incredible, global talent pool? How does HR become a part of your business’ competitive edge? Does your company’s leadership team understand and embrace the changes which the market is imposing on you?

DANA BREITENSTEIN, Director, Intercultural Services – Asia Pacific of Cendant Mobility

Dana has over 15 years of experience in the intercultural training and consulting field, working exclusively with the corporate sector. As Director of Asia Pacific, Ms. Breitenstein is based in Hong Kong and has responsibility for the overall management of training and operations of Cendant’s intercultural management training and consulting projects. She also serves as Chairperson of the American Chamber of Commerce Human Resources Committee and has been a featured speaker at several conferences throughout the region on intercultural management issues. Her previous international experience includes Osaka, Japan and Stockholm, Sweden where she served as Director for international educational programs. Ms. Breitenstein holds a Masters degree from Columbia University in Organization Development as well as a Certificate in Conflict Resolution from the International Center for Cooperative Conflict Resolution. Her Masters thesis was entitled “The Impact of Culture on International Negotiation”. She is proficient in Swedish, has a working knowledge of Japanese and is currently studying Mandarin.

Grant Brown, Deputy Security Director, Operations, Asia Pacific, International SOS
Grant commenced his security career with over 13 years military service, ending in 2003. During his time in the military, he served both as a soldier and as a commissioned officer in a range of infantry, special operations and intelligence appointments, and experienced operational service in Somalia in 1993.

Grant joined International SOS in 2003 and performs the role of Deputy Security Director, Operations, Asia Pacific. In this role, Grant has both operational and consulting responsibilities. He has consulted to a large number of multi-national clients in the areas of security, crisis management and evacuation planning. He has conducted security risk assessments for clients in a number of high-risk locations, and has also provided training in crisis management, personal security and crisis communications. Grant has consulted in such locations as Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, Pakistan, the South Pacific and Australia.

Grant has supported clients during a number of major crises, including the takeover of the Oakwood Apartments by rebel soldiers in the Philippines in 2003, terrorist attacks on the JW Marriott hotel and the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, and most recently deployed to Nepal during the recent state of emergency to support International SOS Members. Grant has also been involved in the planning and execution of International SOS security evacuations from the Solomon Islands (2003) and Saudi Arabia (2004), and personally led the evacuation of clients from Aceh, Indonesia in the aftermath of the recent Asia tsunami. Grant holds a Graduate Diploma in Information Management and Analysis, a Masters of Business Administration and is a qualified Certified Protection Professional (CPP).

“Keeping Business Travellers Safe”
– Planning for safe business travel.
– Preparing travellers for higher risk destinations.
– Record keeping revisited – what is really needed.
– Robust communications as the key lifeline.
– Developing and implementing a Travel Security Plan.
– How and when to interact with families and next of kin.
– Comprehensive solutions to travel tracking

Jack Keogh, Human Capital Strategy, Pricoa Relocation
Jack Keogh MA, ABD, consults with multinational corporations worldwide on cross-cultural communication, leadership and multicultural team development

Prior to Prudential, he served at consulting firm in New York. He subsequently directed the mobility management programs for a major US corporation. Keogh also led a Non-Government Organization working with the European Union to reduce the conflict in Ireland through economic development. In Mexico City, he served at the prestigious Anahuac University.

Keogh earned his degrees at universities in Spain and Italy. He is certified in the use of several assessment instruments including the MSCEIT a powerful ability-based tool that identifies the abilities of emotional intelligence, the MBTI and the OAI.

He is highly sought after international speaker

A native of Dublin, Ireland, he resides with his wife and children in Trumbull, Connecticut in the USA.

Human Capital and Global Workforce challenges in the new era

In order for HR professionals to make a valued contribution to their organisation’s success it is imperative that their initiatives relate to measurable financial outcomes. The demands of an emerging global workforce create specific opportunities and challenges as to how HR professionals need to identify, develop, support and lead the corporations’ human capital.

This presentation frames workforce development within the business context of a company operating in a global, service driven economy and subject to the challenges of a knowledge intensive environment.

The session links the hard and soft issues that impact performance and identifies a strategy for international human capital management based on a strategic relationship between HR and financial (“bottom line”) issues.

The speaker will make the case that the organization’s human capital provides the ultimate competitive edge. We compete in a knowledge-intensive, global economy, driven by service demands and cost efficiencies. In this new era, the emotional intelligence of our workforce and how we leverage those skills will provide the key to our international success.

Participants will acquire a research-based understanding of “emotional intelligence” and will learn how to identify and leverage this vital corporate asset in order to triumph in the global marketplace.

Joyce Lim
Goldzone Leadership Center

Joyce Lim is a shareholder and Director of the Singapore Goldzone Leadership Center – a custom built, high-tech, dedicated training facility.

Joyce has a passion for people. She is most fulfilled when she is inspiring and empowering individuals, couples and organizations to get more of what they want from life.

For most of her working life, Joyce has been searching for the most effective way to live her passion and has found this with the Goldzone Organization.

Inspired by Goldzone’s vision of accelerating the transformation of Singapore’s world-class talent into a new leadership paradigm, Joyce was instrumental in bringing the Goldzone Leadership Curriculum to Singapore.

Joyce was born in Singapore, and her early business career was spent around the Asia Pacific region, in the USA and Canada. As an Artiste Manager, she promoted American entertainment programs in the Asia-Pacific region as well as the Middle East and Japan. Then as a marketing consultant to one of Canada’s largest shopping centres, Joyce created developed and promoted revolutionary projects including a major program in collaboration with the Disney Corporation. Her subsequent work with a Canadian drug store chain enabled the company to expand across the nation.

Upon her return to Singapore, Joyce helped to launch the opening of the Takashimaya Shopping Centre before joining Cirque du Soleil. As Regional Director for Marketing she facilitated the establishment of the world-renowned Canadian circus across Asia and the Pacific Coast of America.

In 2000, Joyce was appointed Director of Marketing for Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay and oversaw the launch of Singapore’s premier performing arts centre.

How To Solve Your Biggest Performance & Leadership Challenges
How to increase your Personal Power
How to work with difficult people
How to dramatically improve team results
How to prevent and resolve the most common performance limitations, & problems
How to motivate, inspire and compel people to take action
Why some people resist change and what to do about it.
How to avoid the 4 top leadership saboteurs
How to overcome the 16 most common leadership challenges
What the real cause of stress is and what to do about it.
How to get people to take personal responsibility for results
How to inspire creative and innovative solutions.

Michael Mobley, Chief Executive Officer, IPS Associates Asia Pte Ltd

A principal of Integrated Project Systems, Michael Mobley works regularly with the senior management and top executives of international and multi-national organizations. A substantial number of his assignments involve cross-cultural and multi-organizational project management. Michael’s personal code requires that his efforts make a difference. His nature has instilled in him the drive to help teams push beyond perceived limitations to accomplish what had been seen as impossible. It is with this philosophy that he mentors organizations, as well as delivering keynotes at numerous conferences for trade and charitable organizations.

Significant Recent Engagements
IPS International Operations – Michael heads up IPS’s International Operarations. In this role he consults with Senior Management on Organizational Mastery of Project Management. This includes the implementation of PMO’s, PM culture and PM capability roadmaps. A special focus is on bridging the gap between strategic planning and tactical implementation.

Key Speaker – In the last several months Michael has delivered key presentations to hundreds of CIOs from across the Asia-Pacific region on Organizational Mastery of PM.

In recent years, Michael has worked in a dozen countries on three continents, serving clients such as Motorola, The Hewlett-Packard Company, Tandem, Novell, SCO, Dupont, Wellfleet, National Research Laboratory—Battelle, the National Library Board of Singapore, Kent Ridge Digital Lab, Gintic, United Overseas Bank etc. He has chaired two international programs and has also published many professional articles and how-to guides. His proven leadership skills place him in constant demand by senior executives around the globe.

Strategic Thinking into Strategic Execution

  • Applied creative thinking
  • A process to create a workable match between organizational competencies (& limitations) & external opportunities (& threats)
  • A systematic approach to defining the strategy portfolio and developing a robust valuation mechanism for prioritizing all strategies
  • Proven techniques for assessing an organization’s resource capacity and demand profiles

ROSIE CRABB, Training Consultant, British Council

Rosie is and experienced trainer in Creativity and Communication Skills. Her international training experience includes Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Bangladesh and the UK. She has worked with a wide range of organisations from both the public and private sectors including; HSBC, SIA, Sri Lankan Airlines, Oberoi Hotels, Mitsubishi, Oxfam and Save the Children.

Rosie specialises in creativity and interpersonal communication skills with a focus on customer service and cross-cultural communication. She draws on her management experience with a prestigious UK wine merchant, where she was responsible for running all aspects of a large retail outlet. Her bachelor degree in Hotel Management has also equipped her with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of business practice. She is currently studying for a Masters degree in Training and Performance Management and is researching intercultural training practice for her dissertation.

As a trainer Rosie delivers highly practical, customer-focussed workshops.
She believes strongly in the effectiveness of group learning and encourages participants to bring their work experiences into the training-room and to share them with others. Rosie is known for her engaging training style, which blends interactivity with clear concepts and lots of practice for participants.

For the British Council Rosie has written and co-written a range of courses including:
Meeting Skills, Customer Care, Cambridge Career Award Travel and Tourism, Written Business Communication, Negotiation Skills and Unlock Your Creativity.

ANDREW GURNETT, Director, British Council Professional Development Centre

Before his involvement with training, Andrew gained a breadth of business experience in sales, marketing, branding, and product development in industries as diverse as publishing, computers and retail.

Since arriving in Singapore in 1995, Andrew has worked with a wide range of corporate clients on a variety of communication and management programmes. His training is characterised by an attention to real business issues and a desire to help participants apply what they have learned.

He is lead regional trainer for the British Council’s own management development training programme and is also a skilled facilitator of challenging meetings.

Courses written and papers presented:

  • Change: The Knowledge Economy and the Service Industry – The Centre for Tourism Related Studies
  • The Future of Business Communication – IATEFL Symposium in Madrid
  • Building Communities of Practice Through Virtual Knowledge Sharing – The British Council Liverpool Forum
  • Perfect Emails – presentation to the Singapore Ministry of Education
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Annoying People – HR Summit 2003
  • Service Recovery – a course on handling those trickier written communications such as replying to complaints
  • Persuasive Writing – a course to help participants with proposals and sales documents

Business Driven Talent Management – Aligning talent development with commercial focus
Chris Macklin, Chief Operating Officer, Zynap

Most talent management energy and resource in firms goes into managing the process. Zynap will draw on its research to show some key enablers need to be thought through and put in place first if talent management is to be effective in supporting the business. If we get this right then we can align strong commercial drive with talent management activity – in fact, both are mutually reinforcing…

Chris joined Zynap in May 2004 as Chief Operating Officer. A highly experienced HR executive with over 20 years’ experience within major organizations including UBS AG, Standard Chartered Bank and Ford Motor Company. Chris has held a number of global HR roles at both operational and strategic levels in the UK and Asia Pacific, laterally being a HR Managing Director in HR with UBS and Head of Resourcing.

He has advised organizations at board level on a range of HR issues including strategic resourcing, key talent management, compensations and benefits, and HR aspects of M&A. He has also acted as an advisor on generalist HR issues as Head of HR for a number of businesses in Investment Banking and Wealth Management. Chris holds a degree in Business Studies.

Venkat Mahadevan – Director Corporate Segment, International Personal Bank, Citibank Singapore Ltd.

The presentation will focus on International Banking At Work, a banking solution from Citibank for the Globally Mobile / Expatriate executive. This was developed based on research and understanding of the unique needs of expatriate and globally mobile executives.

Banking At Work
Venkat Mahadevan, Director Corporate Segment, International Personal Bank, Citibank Singapore Ltd.

The presentation will focus on International Banking At Work, a banking solution from Citibank for the Globally Mobile / Expatriate executive. This was developed based on research and understanding of the unique needs of expatriate and globally mobile executives.

Who should attend?
HR Practitioners and Executives
Any other business professionals with an interest in maximising their human capital

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