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Keep Your (Mobile) Enemies Close

Humans are cognitively bad at multitasking, but that doesn’t stop us. Here’s how to remove the temptation. […]

Directing the Delicate Union Decertification Dance

Employers cannot interject in a decertification campaign. If you have any doubt on where the line is in your case, consult with your labor counsel to avoid a costly error. […]

‘Ruff’ Around the Edges: Collaring Personnel Problems in the Pet Industry

FetchFind, a networking service for pet industry employers, hopes to usher the growing field into a new period of technology and professionalism. […]

Deloitte Offers CORE Training for Veterans

Deloitte’s CORE program doesn’t teach military veterans new skills or find them jobs. Instead, it shows them how to use their military skills to compete in the corporate job market. […]

Special Report: Fewer in the 401(k) Field

Pressures in the retirement industry are forcing providers to offer more than record-keeping services to stay afloat, and ,any companies need to do everything to keep up with the competition. […]

SHRM Board Names 11 to Certification Commission

The committee, serving as an independent technical advisory committee, will manage the SHRM Certification program. […]

Sharp Decisions’ Karen Ross Talks Placing Vets

Sharp Decisions CEO Karen Ross developed theVETS program to prepare military veterans for jobs in the tech industry. But her efforts are not charitable; they’re just good business. […]

Consumer Technology and the Workforce of Tomorrow

Wearable technologies have the potential to provide employers with uncharted data collection points and employees with instant information without taking their eyes off their work. […]

Not All Speech on Social Media Is Protected

There exists a line between protected online speech and unprotected threats, harassment, or insubordination. […]

Thanksgiving 2014: Overcooking the Bird

Nothing says great customer service like long lines, sales prices that don’t ring up properly and overly tired workers. […]