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Data Holds Plan Design, Wellness Answers

The analysis of claims data provides the greatest ability for an employer to have an effect on health care costs and employee health.


Keeping Harmony Around the Holidays

Employers and managers can make the holiday season a bit less stressful for their charges by following several simple guidelines. […]

Is It Possible to Compile Performance Data on Team Unity?

We want to create actionable performance reviews beyond the once-a-year activity. Our aim is to gather insight on how people interact as individual contributors within teams. Our big challenge is we have a large geographically distributed workforce of technically skilled contributors that frequently need to collaborate on projects. How can we begin gathering meaningful performance data on individuals and how they contribute to a team?

—Useful Metrics Please, Software/Services, Bethesda, Maryland


Posting Holiday Party Photos on Social Media? Make Sure Employees Consent

Don’t forget to have your employees sign authorizations before you post holiday party photos online. […]

Jury Verdicts Damage a Company’s Reputation

Jury verdicts can label a company as one that discriminates systemically and intentionally. That damage is much worse than a nine figure punitive reward unlikely to be cashed by a plaintiff. […]

No Longer a Remote Possibility

It is important for employers and employees to understand that courts are being more flexible in determining a reasonable accommodation. […]

Cybersecurity and the NLRB

The NLRB potentially is looking to expand its reach in the area of cybersecurity. […]

The ‘Unretirement’ Plan: An Interview With Author Chris Farrell

Author Chris Farrell contends that baby boomers are changing the way we should think about work, community and the good life in his new book, ‘Unretirement.’ […]

Nonprofits, Volunteers and Labor Relations

By relying heavily on the lack of payment to show lack of control, the 6th Circuit drew a line that will be difficult for most bona fide volunteers to cross to demonstrate employment status. […]

Protecting Trade Secrets in the Cloud

It only takes one layoff to turn a loyal employee into a desperate job seeker looking to provide value to turn a prospective employer into a new job. […]