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Coaching to Mesh Planners and Doers

Coaching to Mesh Planners and Doers For some people, a coach is like a scorekeeper, someone we report to each evening measuring out status. For others, a coach is a referee, someone keeping score but also blowing the whistle when we commit an error. And for others, the coach is an adviser, engaging us in […]

Is ‘Benching’ Top Talent Financially Savvy or Stupid?

Is ‘Benching’ Top Talent Financially Savvy or Stupid? When word got out last year that Google had a secret “bench” program — in which veteran executives are put in limbo or in advisory roles for brief periods before being reinserted into formal leadership positions later — some observers likely wrote the practice off as Google […]

The Week That Was: July 11-15

The Week That Was: July 11-15 Boring Presentation  Don’t let the mid-summer blues keep you from reading these top five stories from for the week of July 11.

Making Talent Dreams Come True at Disney: Disney’s once-decentralized talent management structure made it difficult to streamline and unify toward its goal of continued expansion. Not […]

The Rise of the ‘Superbosses’

The Rise of the ‘Superbosses’ Picture the most influential and successful leaders in a given industry, and it’s very likely that a great majority of them at one point or another were led by the same select set of special leaders. To Dartmouth professor and author Sydney Finkelstein, these people have a special title: “superbosses.” […]

Benchmarking Uses and Abuses

Benchmarking Uses and Abuses In its purest form, a benchmark is a spot on the ground that surveyors use as a reference point when measuring plots of land. But as with many terms over the years, business thinkers long ago adopted it for their own purposes. Benchmarking exploded in business literature in 1990 with the […]

Candidate Experience Tech Is Ticking Them Off

Candidate Experience Tech Is Ticking Them Off The best ones: crowd with selected people in blue pointed at by arrows  Job candidates, like customers, expect a certain level of service and courtesy when they engage with a company. Yet most companies aren’t even throwing applicants a bone — and that’s not going over well with […]

The Pros and Cons of a Four-Day Workweek

The Pros and Cons of a Four-Day Workweek In 1890, the United States government began tracking workers’ time on the job. It found that the average workweek for full-time manufacturing employees was around 100 hours. A half century later, after a drawn out battle between workers and government officials, the five-day, 40-hour workweek became standard […]

Is Teleworking Right for You?

Is Teleworking Right for You? This is the time of year where the last thing you want to do is get out of bed, get dressed and drive to an office. Why not stay home, or better yet, head to the beach, set up your laptop and work from there? For many of you, stuck […]

Interrupting the ‘Fully Formed’ Executive

Interrupting the ‘Fully Formed’ Executive We’re often in the business of interrupting people. Every day our organization is alive with intense activity with over-booked schedules, over-packed agendas, over-flowing email inboxes and overlooked self-development — especially at the senior most level. It’s quite common to have eager learners at entry-level to middle management. We produce and […]

The Week That Was, July 4-8

The Week That Was, July 4-8 It’s easy to fall behind on reading with so many exciting summertime events. Catch up on the top Talent Management stories from after this past weekend’s festivities.

When Employees Own Their Careers, Everyone Wins: In a transparent workplace, employees can build a clear path for job mobility and self-development. […]